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Lesley Hensell Partner, Online Sales Step-by-Step LLC

Lesley Hensell

Partner, Online Sales Step-by-Step LLC

As an online sellers’ advocate, Lesley has successfully helped hundreds of small businesses regain their Amazon selling privileges, get their most profitable ASINs reinstated, and improve their overall business operations.

Lesley launched her career as a business reporter. From there, she moved into business and marketing consulting, working almost exclusively with small businesses and technology start-ups. Now, she has more than two decades of experience assisting clients to realize better profitability, launch successful marketing campaigns, execute effective public relations strategies and more.

As an Amazon seller since 2010 and a business owner for much longer, Lesley understands the pressures, worries and motivators for her small business clients. Her presentation can help sellers of all sizes understand the current compliance issues Amazon has in its sites, and how to manage their accounts for maximum efficiency and minimum hassle from Seller Performance.


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